Choosing Between Hardwood Flooring and Concrete Floors

Close-up view of dark wood parquet floor, background

Hardwood flooring is any item made from hard wood that’s specifically intended for use as hardwood flooring, either for practicality or decorative purposes. Wood is a popular choice for flooring because of its many benefits. Hardwood floor can be beautiful or useful depending on the type of wood, the coloring and other characteristics.

Hardwood floor can have a high gloss to hide scratches or other imperfections. The glossiness also hides imperfections and allows the wood to look more natural and realistic. When you compare hardwood flooring prices with those of carpeting or laminates, the price of the hardwood flooring materials are much lower per square foot. Therefore, you save money by using less expensive hardwood flooring. You can visit this link: for more about hardwood flooring.

Two basic types of hardwood flooring are solid boards and plank flooring. Solid boards consist of four parallel strips of wood held together by glue. A solid board has durability similar to plywood but is cheaper. Quarter inch thick planks are most often used in the US for interior hardwood floors. Plywood has become less popular in the US over the past few years and is now sold in stores in China and other Asian countries.

Panels are more expensive because they are made from one piece of wood and therefore are more durable. Panels are installed by nailing the boards to the subfloor. Some panels are pre-finished and have a smooth, flat surface. Panels that are not pre-finished have an unfinished surface that can be stained or sanded. Although they are more expensive than solid boards, if they are properly installed will last longer and need less maintenance to maintain their appearance.

If your hardwood flooring contains scratches, you can cover them up with a special pine protectant. There are also powders available that you can spray onto the scratches so they will never show. Another option is to sand the scratches away or to fill them with sealant and let the sealant dry.

You can save money on installation by choosing hardwood floors over solid-woods. If you choose solid-wood, you can save even more money by using nails that are long enough to penetrate the wood. Installing wood floors is quite easy and can be done by professional installers if you have the right tools. You can visit this site for more info about hardwood flooring.

Concrete is another option when it comes to installing hardwood flooring. Although concrete does have the advantage of allowing you to create custom patterns, like a wood floor, it does have the disadvantage of staining easily and leaving a dull appearance over time. The concrete board option is best suited for exterior applications. Most boards have a snap together floating floor system. This system allows the boards to click together making it easier to install the boards together with a click-together floating tongue and groove system.

To avoid peeling, scratches and gouges, many people prefer the texture option of using solid-wood boards. If your selection contains knots, you may want to select a finish that prevents the scratching and gouging. Many solid-wood floors have a finish that is composed of an oil base and a protective layer of urethane. Finishes that prevent scratching and gouging are available and are usually a lot less costly than the more expensive urethane finishes. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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